What is the Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network?

The Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network (NSTN) is a collaboration of over 110 sites, including hospitals, health departments, mental health centers, physician offices and rural health clinics, with a common purpose of using video technology to extend health care resources to those in need.  This includes clinical consultations, support groups, education and training, connectivity for administrative meetings among professionals and compassionate calls that bring families together during a time when connecting can help heal. 

Additionally, the network is designed to bring together invaluable resources to improve the readiness of the State to deal with terrorist acts and threats, naturally-occurring disasters and issues of public health concern by allowing instant communication between the Lt. Governor, the Chief Medical Officer and physicians, hospitals, public health departments and public health laboratories across the state.

How Does Telehealth Work?

The NSTN is a hub and spoke model whereby members are connected technologically to "hub" sites (large hospitals) throughout the state, which are in turn connected to one another. This connection allows any point in the state to connect to any other point through interactive video. The system can also be used to transmit images, such as x-rays. 

How do Clinical Consultations Work?

If the local practitioner determines that a patient needs specialty care, the patient, via the telehealth network, can access a specialist at another site from their community health care facility. Health care professionals can perform physical examinations through the system, using specialized cameras, electronic stethoscopes and other medical peripheral devices. Patients should contact their local practitioners for more information.

How Can I Access Health Care Educational Opportunities?

There are many educational opportunities offered via telehealth now and we expect these offerings to grow exponentially in the future. You can search this website to learn more about the programs available (please see the "Scheduled Programming"). If you are interested in a program, please contact your local telehealth coordinator. He or she can let you know if it will be available at a site near you.  If you would like to host an educational conference on the Network, please contact the nearest telehealth site or hub site for information about how to do so.  To obtain more information about education available via telehealth, read FAQs, review information about hosting a conference and learn tips for presenting, please see "About the NSTN".

Where Can I Find Telehealth?

To find a telehealth site near you, please check out the "Sites" portion of this website. Here you can learn more about the facilities that work together each day to help increase access to care for Nebraskans across the state!

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